Sunday, July 8, 2018

Playroom Reveal

The playroom is 90% done, which is done enough for me to share it with you.
I still need to get curtains for the triple window and to add a gallery wall around the TV, but otherwise, it's basically going to look like it does here.
All of the sources are listed at the bottom of this post.
We have plans to add hardwood floors and trim all of our windows at some point.
This room actually used to be our dining room (see below) and 'front room' - but it basically became a catch all for all of our miscellaneous project equipment.
You might think it's kind of weird to sell our dining table and put a playroom in it's place. But the truth is, we have an eat in kitchen and haven't used this room since we moved in 2 years ago.
It just sat there.
So now we're using it.
I really needed a space that works for a 6 year old and a baby.
Grace mostly does crafts, colors, reads, etc. and actually doesn't have too many toys anymore.
Hardy, however, will start getting more toys as he gets older.
The top row of the cube storage is for Grace.
She helped me find a purpose for each drawer, and it has actually made her better at picking up.
She knows everything has a place.
The bottom row is empty for now, but will start getting used once Hardy accumulates more toys.
His toys are in baskets around the room right now to make things easily accessible for him.

Drawers Left to Right: Babies, miscellanous items, barbies and craft supplies.
The paper roll is from Ikea and I spray painted it light green.
Also, have you guys tried Little Passports?
That's where the blue suitcase is from...Grace really seems to enjoy it.
I'm so happy I decided to get these paper holders.
In her old playroom, her paper pile became a hot mess and usually ended up all over the floor.
Having these paper holders makes it easy for her to grab which color she wants without the mess.
Because Grace is so into art, it was a no brainer to grab this easel for her to draw and 'play school'.
We swapped out the ugly dining room chandelier and threw in a giant bean bag. 
It's a hit and we all find ourselves sprawling out on it.
It's been so nice for them to have a functional place to play.
And I'll be honest, it has helped keep me sane. 

Black table and chairs: Target
Easel: Ikea
Black and White Striped Basket: Target (old)
Striped Hanging Pockets: Amazon
Cube Storage Unit: Ikea
Cube Baskets: Ikea
Be Yourself Print: Society6
Tabletop Paper Holder: Ikea
Wall Shelf: Ikea
Glass Containers: H&M
Wall Paper Holders: Ikea
Floor Book holder: Ikea
Mustard basket: H&M
Bean bag: Amazon (we got the biggest size)
Curtains: Ikea
Curtain Rods: West Elm
TV Stand: Vintage, but we also considered this one: Home Depot
Light: Ikea
Navy Basket: Target (old)
Wicker Basket: Target (old)

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