Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oxblood Suede Top

Thought I'd kick off today with a casual look that can take us right into Friday.

Suede is all the rage right now.
So, of course I had to give it a shot.

This top is surprisingly comfy.
The long slit on the side adds some character...although, I do wish it were a little shorter.
My side skin shows a little.
#nogoingbacknow #coveryoureyes

Acid washed jeans, because why not?!
I don't know how anyone else feels about them, but I personally love them.
Especially for Fall.

And these flats!
I'm not a huge lover of flats, but these I can handle.
I love the straps and the gold heel.
Oh, and the price!

We've almost reached the end of the work week and I've been wishing four day weeks were the standard.
A girl can dream, right?!

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