Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fall Staples

Nothing like a sweater/jeans combo. Pretty much a staple for me during the colder months.

I like to keep things comfy around here.
& this fits the bill.

This sweater is the perfect thickness.
Not so thick that you can't layer it, but not thin enough to be see through.
#notafanofseethrough #coverallthethings

These jeans are da bomb. & affordable.
Why not buy them in every color?

Anyway, I'm so pumped that I got my hands on this bag.
It wasn't available for the longest time, but I finally found it! Not that I was checking everyday or anything...

On a side note, I am writing this post while totally avoiding mowing the lawn. It's long, really long. Like sprouting at the top, long.

My hubby has a bum knee so I'm the one stuck with this chore...lamezies.

Hope you all are enjoying your week!

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