Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, so don't shoot me for putting up the Christmas decor. Me and G have been watching Christmas movies for about two weeks now...and she's all about Christmas. 

 She kept asking, "Can we do Christmas, mommy?" ...How could I resist?

So, I headed downstairs to get the trees. She had lot of fun taking the branches out of the box and putting them into a pile.

Now for the tour.

Let me start in the front room...

I went with a winter wonderland theme, keeping everything white and silver. 

 I scored the most beautiful pearl ornaments from Lowe's the day after Christmas last year. Got them 70%. Nothing else to say about that except HOLLA.

Quite a few of my decorations are new this year. Including this wreath from Marshalls. It screams winter wonderland goodness if ya ask me.

These stocking holders are from HomeGoods. It took me forever to find stocking holders that were 'modern' and affordable. Got 4 of these bad boys for $6 each. Once again, HOLLA!

Then I traced and cut a snowflake out of silver, glitter paper and popped it into the frame. The reindeer and fur stockings are from the Teej (TJ Maxx). The middle stocking is from Target. Seriously though, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods...they're where it's at, folks.

Moving to the table centerpiece. I just kinda threw this together. Not in love with it, but it works.

Once again, I grabbed this polar bear at HomeGoods. Because, what isn't there to love about polar bears? Except for the fact that they are the only animal to actively hunt humans, but that doesn't count around this time of year. 

Then I threw another tree up in our living room. Grabbed the ornaments after Christmas last year as well. The ornaments that will eventually fill this tree are going to be the handmade ones/sentimental ones that we acquire over the years. Growing up, my family had a tree with all of mine and my sister's ornaments on it.  It was pretty, it made me and my sister feel really cool. 

; )

You can't really tell, but the tree skirt underneath is the It's from the Teej and it is covered in perfect gold foil sparkles.

 That pretty much sums up our indoor Christmas decor. 

If you're not loving your holiday decor this year, can always go buck wild the day after Christmas. They usually mark it at least 50% off...that's what I did last year and it saved me some big time bucks.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!