Saturday, October 25, 2014

Subtle Fall Decor

Do you guys ever walk through Target and think 'YES, YES, YES!' and then look at the price tag and think 'it's ugly anyway'? That is all the time. I seriously love so many things, but just can't always justify spending that much.

That's exactly what happened when I came across these cute little pumpkin figurines. I was soooo pumped, but then I saw the price, argued with myself a little bit, and finally put them down.

So, I decided to head to the dollar tree hoping to find some pumpkins. I did. & I painted them white with gold stems. Yeahhh...they're not as modern as the ones from Target...but, hey, they were $3. Plus, I painted them while we watched TV, so it was painless.

Anyway, these pumpkins started off the whole thing. I have kind of been slacking in the decor area (notice the totally MIA posts). So, I decided I would make a few small changes to get ready for fall.

I swapped out our Spring wreath (oops!) for our fall wreath. 

Added the dollar tree pumpkin figurines to our table for a simple fall centerpiece.

Tip: Swapping out florals helps to complete seasonal decor.

& added some fall florals with our fall picture to top off our shelf decor.

These small changes have made a big impact on the space. 
But if I'm being totally honest....I'm ready for Christmas.