Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY Tufted Headboard & Upholstered Bed

I have been wanting to do a tutorial and I decided this was a quick and easy project for it. Some of you have been asking how I made Tood's bed, so here it is. It took me about a night and a half to make it between homework and hanging with the fam.

Here's a little background...

I love the tufted headboard look and I have wanted to make one for our second guest room for some time. But what good is a headboard with no bed, right? Ha!

Well, I'm currently designing her "big girl" room and decided an upholstered bed would look perfect! I snagged the bed off of craigslist for $10. I highly recommend second hand things for projects like this. You'll save tons!

I didn't have much luck finding an upholstered toddler bed and when I did, it was at least $400! Definitely wasn't planning on this kind of spending! Especially since she'll only be in it for a year or two...This bed and supplies cost me $50 total. Which is pretty good, because the cheapest bed I could find at walmart was $60. And it looked a lot like what I started with.  So, I decided to make my own.

Here's my version...

For the headboard, I followed this tutorial pretty closely. I made a few minor changes listed below...
  • Notches for the railings along the side of the headboard
  • Buttons 6.5" apart
  • Twin Foam from Walmart ($10) instead of the foam squares
  • Pair of curtains for the fabric
  • I didn't hang the headboard on the wall, it is screwed to the old headboard behind it

My fiancé helped with the jigsaw. He cut notches along the side of the headboard so the railings would fit. Then, I spray painted the railings and the legs white.

For the upholstered boards along the side and foot, I used quilt batting and the second curtain. I just stapled them to the inside of the wood. Then, we screwed the new headboard to the old headboard and... DUNZO! 

Let me know if you have any questions. Check back soon to see my ombre dresser tutorial!